Monday, 10 November 2008

Xtranormal video tutorial

I have set myself a challenge. By the end of 2008, I'd like to have created a few dialogues using the Xtranormal programme and if it's possible, I'll post them on my blog. This video tutorial makes it seem quite easy to do. We'll see....!.

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Ghadah said...

Wow! That is a powerful tool. I remember you mentioning Nik's blog in your post about RSS. I wasn't assigned Nik's blog so I didn't get around to visiting it yet. Your post made me check out this Nik guy. His blog is very informative! His examples of how to apply Xtranormal in teaching are really good. I guess when you create a blog you have to keep it very up to date to protect your "rep". Kudos for you for introducing it to us. My challenge: to post a movie on my blog before you do. Just kidding! :) Actually it seems very interesting to me so I am playing around with it right now, if I end up with anything useful I will post it soon. Too bad this only works with English though.