Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Five minute lesson plan using a picture prompt

Tonight I set myself a target of 5 minutes to create a mini lesson plan for a picture exploitation activity.

I would use a picture like the one above as a lead-in to a debate / discussion / opinion activity on such topics for example: the role of animals in society
dog or cat - which is the better pet?

I would ask students to think of adjectives to describe SOFIA's character by thinking of an adjective which begins with each letter of her name, for example

S -ociable
O -pen-minded
F- un-loving
I -ntelligent
A -miable

Students earn a point for each adjective they come up with which is the same as my list above.

Can you guess the IDIOM?

I have read "how to teach English with technology" so many times (!) that my book has become a bit DOG-.....................

The first person to post the correct answer will get 100 points!!

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