Thursday, 13 November 2008

A "Word Cloud" experiment

Looking through Nik Peachey's blog archive link I read about "word clouds", a tool for creating some fun text-based activities. I decided to follow his very clear tutorial and came up with the example above. It is based on a short text about the coolest person on the planet at the moment. I wonder who he could be?

Below is the actual short text taken from the above link.

'Elegant Obama' inspires fashion label

Barack Obama's elegance and fashion sense has inspired a Bosnian company to name a new line of men's business suits after the US president-elect.

"We chose the name Obama" for the suits, which were already selling well in Bosnia and neighbouring Croatia” said Ahmet Curic, a manager at Borac, the company that produces the outfits.

"It's a line of top quality business suits, and naming it Obama was an obvious choice because the president-elect is clearly a very elegant man and one of a few who knows how to wear a suit," he told AFP.

Curic added Borac also wanted to "pay respect" to the United States for providing the company with funds to help restart production after Bosnia's 1992-1995 war.

Based in the central town of Travnik, Borac is Bosnia's oldest clothing factory. It cooperates with several leading European fashion houses including Hugo Boss.

Have a go at creating your own "Word clouds" - it's great fun!

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