Saturday, 17 April 2010

Pannier Packed, I'm Ready to Go!

I wonder if I can do it? I have a few minutes to spare, before I pack the computer into my designated pannier, so just a quick update on state of affairs. A trip to Pescara sorted out the new back tyre for the motorbike, which K fitted back home. Thanks very much to Fabio who changed the tyre at Vulcanfit just before it closed for the day.

Karl's military background is invaluable in organising such trips. As a former Flight Systems Engineer in the RAF, it was his duty to give the planes the all clear for take off. Everything had to be meticulously checked off. Today, everything has been planned with military precision and the motorbike is packed and ready to go. The intercom has been set up, so we can chat together to while away the hours. The challenge now is:how will the fully loaded bike cope going up the partially vertical 1.2 kilometre dirt track that was formerly known as a road?

Having to unpack my suitcase and hand luggage which weighed approximately 25 kilos and squeeze things into a pannier, was challenging, but it's done. My biggest problem was deciding which EFL book I should take with me out of the ones I had originally packed. Guess which one is in the pannier? Answer at the bottom!!

Weather conditions for tomorrow are not too brilliant. Fog all the way to Ancona, then light rain until Milan and rain until Basel, where we stop at a Formula One Hotel for the night. From Basel partly cloudy and maybe sunny until Oxford, 2,000 kilometres later. I think a nice cup of tea will be in order as soon as we arrive! Actually, maybe K would prefer a nice cold beer.

A big thank you to all my lovely PLN who have tweeted words of encouragement via twitter. I appreciate it very much. I won't be tweeting along the route as it's going to be difficult in full motorbike gear, but as soon as I can, I will blog or tweet. That's all for now. Ciao ciao!!

The only EFL book I am taking with me to England tomorrow is......"Teaching Unplugged" by Scott Thornbury and Luke Meddings.


Chiew said...

Hi Janet,

Just one word: WOW!
Hope you have fun and the wind doesn't bite at your bones!
Incidentally, your blog has been featured on my list of ten blogs worthy of following. Check out on what's it all about here: Worthy Blogs

popps said...

My offer of a lift, although genuine, was probably not much use as you would still have had to get to France where there was a train strike!