Thursday, 15 April 2010

Volcanic Ash - Act of Nature

"I've got something to tell you which isn't too good" my hubby told me this morning at around 11a.m. I was upstairs packing my case ready for me to fly back to the UK tomorrow to teach at the Lake School of English on a Teachers Refresher course on Monday. His face didn't look too happy and I immediately thought of something it could be. Thank goodness I was wrong, but what he said next was not positive. "All flights to the UK have been cancelled due to volcanic ash from Iceland". I looked at him with incomprehension." Err... volcanic ash??? What on earth do you mean?" Well, the following article from the Daily Telegraph today explains in full what this situation means.

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After watching this news bulletin from the BBC News, I suddenly undestood the gravity of what has happened and is still happening in Iceland. I am very sorry for all the disruption it is causing to so many people.
In Pictures from BBC News.
A lesson hot off the press literally from Jason Renshaw's English Raven blog called "Iceland? Volcanoes? Ash Clouds? Have I got a TEFL Lesson for you!"
Iceland volcano shuts Euro airspace a lesson from Sean Banville's Breaking News English website.

The big question now is:will Janet get on a flight tomorrow so that she can teach on Monday morning? I am hoping the answer will be yes, and for quite a number of very important reasons.

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Seth Dickens said...

Oh No! good luck1 I have to admit though the really big question for me is whether Sth will be able to fly to England tomorrow :-o I'm supposed to be meeting my little Niece for the first time and now... well I'm just not sure :-(

We're on the 22.30 Treviso Bristol, what about you Janet?

Hope you get there okay!

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Seth

I should be on the 1pm London-bound Stansted flight from Pescara tomorrow. Here's hoping it'll happen. Good luck with your flight tomorrow night as well.


popps said...

I'm setting off in a car for the ports and boat -do you need/want a lift?