Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Janet's First Jing!

I have been wanting to create Jing screen capture screencasts ever since I viewed Russell Stannard's video tutorials on this versatile web 2.0 tool. It is his favourite tool, and he demonstrates how to use it here. I have to confess I have had to watch this excellent video tutorial a few times today, and I am still learning by trial and error!! That is the only way to do things, I guess. Practice, practice and even more practice!!
I am determined to teach myself how to use this very interesting tool!!

I also viewed this great blog post on Simple K12 site, called How to use Jing in your classroom. There are a lot of useful comments and practical tips in the Comments section of this Simple K12 post.

Nik Peachey has just published "10 Tech Tools for Teacher Training Courses" on his fab Nik's Learning Technology blog. Jing is included in his top 10 tools!!

My First Jing Video
So, this is my first ever Jing screen capture video!! I captured the image that you can see at the top, and then created the video and saved it onto my computer and screencast. I then got the embed code to add to my blog post. Russell Stannard shows you exactly how to do this step by step on:


My aim is to learn a bit more about what to do with Jing and how to use it with students, so I will be viewing this set of Teacher Training Video Tutorials soon:

Using Jing in Language Classes.

You are welcome to join me in my learning journey. I hope to post up how I get on with it as I go along.

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My Classroom Without Walls
My virtual classroom and excellent teachers surround me on my blog sidebar! This means that I can enter my very own, custom-designed classroom whenever I want.

This is really cool, don't you think??

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