Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sparkling Civitaquana!!

Civitaquana sparkled with the most awesome display of dazzling fireworks last weekend. I was there to enjoy the pyrotechnics and to soak up the lovely atmosphere with the locals.

Civitaquana Fireworks Cartoon

You can find more information about where I created this cartoon on my Comics and Cartoons site. Thanks to @BookChook for the suggestion! Can you guess the missing part of the dialogue in the final box?

The beautiful church of Santa Maria delle Grazie was the backdrop for the fireworks in honour of Saint Egidio and Saint Emidio. If you like, you can read more about Saint Emidio. The church dates from the middle 12th century according to this history (written in Italian) here.

Below you can view an image of Saint Emidio's Annunciation. Image source from here.

Mirko CasaDei Beach Band
We also enjoyed watching the world-famous Mirko Casadei Beach Band playing in front of an enthusiastic audience. Of course, I was right at the front tapping my feet animatedly to the beat of the samba music. Find out more about the biography of this exciting and dynamic band by viewing this pdf information sheet here. Below is a short video clip of the band, taken with my camera. (Coming soon!)

Why Civitaquana?
Have you ever wondered why I chose the URL for my blog address? Well, now you know. It's the name of this pretty little village in Abruzzo! I bought this postcard some time ago, but I haven't sent it to anyone yet. Now I'm sending you virtual greetings from Civitaquana in Abruzzo :-)

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