Tuesday 27 September 2011

Photo Blog Challenge: Compare and Contrast

Blog challenge everyone! Contrast and compare! Two photos, similar but different!

How could any blogger resist such a challenge?? Here are my 2 photos, similar but different! They were both taken on the same day in the "garden" (now formally known as "The Jungle".

Challenge Questions:
What fruit am I holding in Picture 1?
What's the name of my dog?
How come there are so many Janets in Picture 2?

Picture 1

Picture 2

I was challenged by Anne Hodgson this evening and Brad Patterson via Twitter to join in the fun with the Photo Blog Compare and Contrast Challenge. This challenge has been instigated as a result of Anne's blog post entitled Compare and Contrast.

Brad posted up 2 lovely photos here and opened up the challenge to the rest of his PLN. Within hours, quite a few keen bloggers had submitted their posts, amongst whom are the following with their fantastic photos:

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Anybody else fancy joining in the fun? These pictures would be great for exam style "compare and contrast" activities and also for getting your students to discuss different topics.


Brad said...

Are those persimmons ?

Anonymous said...

Love them, Janet!
and thanks for adding links to others picking up the challenge - will try my best to do the same :)

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Brad

Yes, they are persimmons, or "kaki" as they are known here! Well done on answering this question! We have 3 kaki trees but not really so keen on the taste, sadly.

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Ceri

Thanks for popping by! I love your choices of photos. Isn't it a fun challenge?? I'm amazed at how quickly people have posted up pics in response to this challenge and it just shows what can be done when the motivation is high :-)


Anne Hodgson said...

Hi Janet,
You really do live in Wonderland :) Persimmons/ kaki are very lovely to look at, but I wouldn't know what to do with them!
You times 6 - what an interesting picture, like something out of a fantasy movie or a dream. Are there 6 sides to you?
Have a lovely day!

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Anne

Thanks so much to you and Brad for this really fun challenge!

I'm afraid I don't know what to do with persimmon, either. I made kaki jam last year and well, it didn't taste too nice, but I think I must have done something wrong!

As for 6 sides to my personality, that's a great guess, but...not quite what I was thinking of when this picture was first taken.

I'll be posting up a back link to the original blog post which explains the image of so many Janets wanting and trying to do too many things all at the same time(a bit of a hint here!)

Best wishes


Anne Hodgson said...

Hi Janet,
OK, but that often goes hand in hand, doesn't it? I want to be a good wife, sister, friend... and then a good translator/writer/a "voice"... and I also want to make sure my customers are happy and paying their bills... and last but not least I want students to love what they are learning. I'm not complaining, just saying: It does seem to demand different things from one!

Tara Benwell said...

Crazy photos! I really need to know what's up with the green Janets!

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Anne

I totally agree! I guess trying to do many things at the same time, to please oneself and others is always demanding and we can only do what is possible at the time.

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment again. I appreciate it!

Btw, I love your new picture:-)

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Tara

All will be revealed soon! Yes, it is a crazy photo, and it's one of my favourites!!