Sunday, 25 September 2011

Playing with Bubblr!

Bubblr by PimPamPum is a fun tool to create comic strips using Creative Commons' photos from flickr. I was able to create this short "Abruzzo Magic" photo strip by simply typing in "Abruzzo" in the Tag box. 16 photos immediately came up from the flickr database of images. I just clicked and dragged each photo into the strip, and added a caption. Hey presto! As easy as pie!!
You can even use your own images on flickr, if you like.

Please press this link here- Abruzzo Magic - to see the Bubblr on the original PimPamPum site, as the image strip you see below is quite small.

You can view this short and excellent You Tube video tutorial on how to use Bubblr as part of Using Web 2.0 in Key Stage 3 History, by Kerry Wensley, an ICT and History teacher from Nottingham, England. I am really impressed with the results of the history projects that Kerry's pupils created using a selection of fun web 2.0 tools.

I first came across this very informative video via Jose Picardo's lovely A Box of Tricks blog.

More links about Bubblr!
Nik Peachey has created an excellent video tutorial on how to create a Bubblr on his Nik's Daily English Activities blog.

Teacher Training Videos as usual offers very clear instructions on making a Bubblr.

Ozge's wonderful blog is doing a series on A - Z Web Tools. You can read all the tools beginining with "B" in this post here. It also includes Bubblr, of course :-)

Ana Maria from Life Feast blog has written up a great post on Exploring PIMPAMPUM.

ChristinaSkyBox has a fab post on Ice Breaking with Bubblr and Fotobabble.

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