Sunday, 3 May 2009

Abruzzo Review - Day 28: 31DBBB

Janet's Top Ten Adjectives
Abruzzo is a region spoilt for descriptive adjectives but here are my favourite ones:
  • awesome
  • rugged
  • unspoilt
  • breathtaking
  • wild
  • spectacular
  • magical
  • delightful
  • picturesque
  • mysterious

The food is amongst the best and most delicious in the whole of Italy. Here are a few of the local products which I have tried. Recipes courtesy of "I Sapori di Abruzzo e Molise" by Carlo Natali.

Grilled "scamorza"
"Scamozza" of Abruzzo is a cheese famous for its softness and delicate taste. Grease it well with olive oil and cook over a charcoal fire. It is an excellent hors d'oeuvre served hot with salt and pepper.

Chicken, King Francesco's II Way
It is said that this descendant of the Borboni Monarchy especially liked this dish while out hunting in Abruzzo. Cut a chicken into pieces and fry it lightly in olive oil with chopped garlic, rosemary, 1 bay leaf, half a chilli, salt and pepper. While cooking, sprinkle it with white wine and add pieces of green olives, capers and pickles.

Janet's Top Abbruzzo WinesThe Abruzzo region is blessed with an abundance of vineyards which produce world-famous wines such as the following:

Trebbiano D'Abruzzo
Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

I only buy the local wines produced in this area. I can honestly say that they are indeed fantastic value. It goes without saying that they are modestly and discreetly imbibed and enjoyed to the full!

Janet's Top 5 Cities to visit in Abruzzo

Castel del Monte - for its picturesque setting
Civitella del Tronto - for its medieval fortress
Santo Stefano di Sessanio - for its unique panoramic setting
Castelli - for its wonderful ceramics
Sulmona - for its confetti

You must not leave Abruzzo without visiting its magnificent national parks and seeing some of its natural wildlife in action.

To finish off my little Abruzzo review, here is a video from Abruzzo:Pure Italy.

Abruzzo: Pure Italy - The best free videos are right here

Day 28: 31DBBB Addendum
I have just spent a couple of hours on a wild, tempestuous, rainy, windswept Sunday putting this little "Abruzzo" Review together, using Wikipedia, the Internet and my own limited knowledge.
If you haven't been to Abruzzo before, then please don't let recent well-documented events put you off visiting this relatively unknown part of Italy. It will be well worth a visit, I can assure you.

Abruzzo Reference List
Have a look at these sites which mention Abruzzo:
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SUDEEP said...

Hey ,
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Hey, I like the way you used the 31 Day BBB Challenge on your site. Great job! I've hit and miss, more miss, and have a lot to make up.

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