Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Fun "Twitter" Expressions

Twitter has been voted number one top learning tool of 2009 in a recent poll published by the Centre for Learning and Performing Technologies. I decided to set myself the challenge of creating a little dialogue about the top tool of the year after reading Nik Peachey's excellent "Quick Shout Blog" where he presented how to make comic strip cartoons by using Make Belief Comix.com. I was inspired to create the comic strip above. It was quick and very easy to do and I had a lot of fun! Please click on the cartoon to enlarge it.

Twitter and Colloquial Expressions
twitterless: being without twitter
tweetless: being without a "tweet" (a message on twitter)
a twit: a silly person
twitter on: go on about something
tweetie pie: a play on the endearment "sweetie pie"
cheers: thanks
no probs!: no problem!
a doddle: very easy, a piece of cake

I found out today that Janet's Abruzzo Edublog has been included in Onestopblogs!. I feel greatly honoured to be amongst other illustrious ELT bloggers and it's a very proud moment indeed. I hope to continue publishing posts that will inspire teachers and students of English.

Kalinago English Blog
Today has truly been fantastic. My blog has been mentioned in kalinago English Blog under the posting "Best Articles Circulating the Blogosphere - May 2009". I am happy that I am doing what I love and I am experimenting with new web 2.0 tools and trying to keep up in my own modest and very simple way.

Guess the Idiom
The picture below is a clue to an idiom which you might think applies to my writing about the two mentions above. Can you guess it???


cloud 10 said...

I've re-joined twitter janet. Gotta see what's out there and signed up to follow some gurus! Your blog is amazing?! Photos, content, an eclectic mix! Just wondered how long do you spend on it every day? It all just seems so time consuming and at the moment I am out of the loop. is it OK if I show your blog to the teachers next week? Bye xx x

LLJB said...

Great that you're back on twitter, Jane. I look forward to tweeting you. Please do show my blog to teachers!! I'd be very happy.

I'm not on my blog every day - just when I get inspired, which sometimes is every day, sometimes days go past and nothing gets written. I can't write for writing's sake, I guess that's the key.

Ciao xx

natashaBBC said...

Dear Janet,

The 'picture' idiom could refer to 'blow your own horn/trumpet' what many regrettably though, think that blogging is all about?


Janet said...

Dear Natasha

You are absolutely correct about the meaning of the picture. Well Done! You are the only one to answer this particular question....so thank you for responding.

As for the notion that many bloggers blog in order to "blow their own trumpet", whether it is true or not, I don't have any statistics to proove or disproove this. I only know that I will read a blog if the content is useful, practical, interesting and enjoyable. If bloggers sometimes express their pride in what they are achieving, I am all for it.

My inclusion of the picture idiom was indeed meant to be "tongue in cheek".