Saturday, 30 May 2009

Susan Boyle- The Final Countdown

Will singing sensation Susan Boyle crack under the extraordinary pressure she is currently under? I doubt it. Tonight she will sing her heart out in front of a world-wide audience, all fascinated by this totally unexpected 21st century fairy tale story. My prediction is she will win by a huge margin, despite the current backlash she is experiencing in certain corners. Judge Piers Morgan has said that Susan Boyle had fleetingly been thinking of "throwing in the towel". See this latest article from Yahoo. However, he is convinced that she can "nail it", (win easily). Simon Cowell has reportedly begged the singer not to give up at the eleventh hour. Everyone is rooting for her. (hoping she will win).

The Sound of Music
What a coincidence that I revealed one of my childhood secrets in my last posting "Nuns in the News" and confessed to loving the Sound of Music. Here's Hollie Steel, the ten-year-old finalist tonight singing her second attempt at "Edelweiss".

And the winner is........we'll have to wait and see the show tonight!

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