Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Good Earth

How did I spend our "Red Letter Day" yesterday? In the garden digging the vegetable plot ready to put tomato, pepper, melon, cucumber, peas and lettuce plants in. Have a look through the lovely pictures and words from "Farmgirl Fare's Blog" regarding the joys of lettuce. I can't wait to start eating my own freshly grown produce. It is indeed one of the true great pleasures in life.

Earthly Matters
Whilst busy digging away, turning the soil over with my spade, I was able to reflect on earthly matters. An empty plot of land which will soon become a source of fresh, organic food. I have never experienced the joys of organising my own vegetable patch. It's a first. I wish I had observed my father's techniques back in Oxford. He certainly has been blessed with the proverbial "green fingers". I have not opted for the "No-dig gardening" method. We'll see what happens doing it the hard way!

Down to Earth
I reflected on the fact that I am a "down-to-earth" (practical) type of person and it has stood me in good stead in life.

Lovely Compost
As soon as I have finished digging the soil, I will add some Growmore and then dig in my very own fresh compost to enrich the soil. I have been avidly reading Dr D.G.Hessayon's "the Vegetable Expert" which gives invaluable tips and advice on gardening matters.So what am I waiting for? It's off back out to continue my labour of love!

The "Credit Munch" Garden
I have just read an article regarding this year's Chelsea Flower Show. Due to the current economic recession and the "credit crunch" we are facing, the organisers of the show have reflected the times by focussing on greenfingered ideas for saving money. What is the most popular activity that has been taken up by thousands recently? Yes, you've guessed it....growing your own vegetables!

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