Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Engerland Expects!

Who do you think is going to win the England v Slovenia match today? Which adjectives in the Tagxedo below describes how England will feel after the match? How about Slovenia? How will they feel?

Chronicle of a Match Foretold
I have a recurring nightmare about today's match, which I just can't shake off. This is how it goes.
  • Slovenia will score a goal first, breaking English hearts.
  • Then England will score a goal to go evens.
  • We're in seventh heaven.
  • We're on cloud 9.
  • We're over the moon.
  • Score at half time 1-1.
  • Then Slovenia will score a dramatic goal in the opening minute of the second half.
  • Score 2-1 to Slovenia.
  • We will be put through the wringer for the next 44 minutes.
  • 30 seconds left before the final whistle.
  • I'm feeling devastated.
  • Then out of the blue, in the dying seconds, gooooooooaaaal!!
  • England 2- Slovenia 2
  • We go to extra time.
  • Weary legs, slow bodies, spirits diminishing.
  • Everyone dreading the P-Factor.
  • We all know it is going to happen.
  • It is England's destiny.
  • It is something pre-ordained.
  • We will go to Penalties as that is the way it ALWAYS goes.
  • Why upset the applecart this time round?
  • Agonisingly, the end of extra time draws to a close and that is it.
  • The moment has come.
  • The moment the whole of England has been inexorably heading towards right from the very beginning.
  • The final countdown.
  • Who will take the penalties?
  • How are the players feeling?
  • What emotions are going through their minds?
  • I hide behind the cushion.
  • I close my eyes.
  • I wait for the impending unfolding drama.
The Agony and the Ecstacy
I cannot bear the agony. The adrenalin is pumping away. My heart beating furiously. The vibrant sound of the Vuvuzelas growing ever more deafening. In this defining moment, I have to know from a linguistic point of view. Is Fabio thinking in Italian or in English? How is he motivating his players? The players get ready. I cannot watch. The first England player goes up to take the penalty. The noise of the Vuvuzelas intensify to a deafening crescendo. How can the player concentrate? He can't. OMG the ball has gone wide of the net. OMG. I cannot believe it. Well, I guess I can believe it actually. History is repeating itself. I feel devastated. That's it. We're done for. It's over, surely?

Slovenia go up to take the penalty. I can't bear it. I know they will score. I can feel it in my heart of hearts. I take a sip of the lovely crisp Trebbiano d'Abruzzo that is keeping me only ever so slightly under control. I can't bear to look. I hear boos from the crowd. Impossible. Slovenia have missed???? I feel suddenly elated, uplifted, my spirits perk up. Maybe, maybe there's a glimmer of hope? Again, I can't look. Suddenly I hear it. Goooooaaaal! We're back in the flow. All is good, all is calm. We have a chance now, surely?? Slovenia without hesitating cooly thunder the ball into the net. Deflated, devastated, disheartened, I can now feel the end of the world approaching. Score 2-2. This pattern is repeated until of course the final decisive ball. It is win or lose. No room for error. This final kick of the ball will decide who wins. Who will go through to the next round. I cannot bear it. I go outside and then.......goooooaaaal!!
Then I wake up, sweating.

Who will win today?
Luckily, it was only a bad dream. Thank goodness this game will NOT be going to penalties. As I said, it's a nightmare scenario. I desperately want England to win, but the way they have been playing recently has been woeful and so the players have got to pull their socks up, big time!!!

My prediction is that England WILL make it to the next round. Fingers well and truly crossed! Without all the drama above, preferably!

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