Sunday, 27 June 2010

My Nightmare Come True

Congratulations to the winning team, Germany. Sadly, England is coming home right now. No need for fancy lesson ideas, no heart for a "guess which adjectives to choose for the England v Germany match", which has just unfolded. My Chronicle of a Nightmare Foretold has come to fruition just now and it has well and truly done me in. Did I tempt fate? I will never know. The pain of being 2-0 down after approximately 30 minutes to a Germany side that were not supposed to be at their best, was awful. The drone of the Vuvuzelas did everything to dampen my growing fear. The 38th minute goal that was disallowed, was a shocker in true horror story fashion. Had the referee not had his eyes checked out before the match??

The Goal that NEVER was but SHOULD have been

This was the goal that went in, but it was disallowed for some unearthly reason. Anyway, I wouldn't like to be accused of sour grapes, so that is it. Job done. No going back. The dream is over for England.

May the very best team win this World Cup 2010.


Dani Lyra said...

Sorry to hear... Hope the Brazilians get a better referee, one that did have his eyes checked!!
Cheers from Brazil!

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Dani

Thanks for your message of sympathy. I'm just about getting over the great disappointment.

Congratulations on Brazil beating Chile 3- 0. Brazil could be the next World Champions, I reckon, if they carry on playing so well.

Cheers from England.

Anne said...

Dear Janet,

So very sorry about that goal. Everyone here in Germany is frankly disgusted with the referee(s), believe me, and found it inexplicable that the guy wouldn't accept it. Hope Fifa get their act together.

I too think that it will most probably be Brazil or Argentina.

Since it is a game, there are so many things that play into it and entice Madam Fortune to give one or the other team the upper hand.

Janet Bianchini said...

Dear Anne

Thank you for your sympathy. I appreciate it.

I guess we have to look deeper than just one goal that was, and then wasn't.

Quite frankly, England played like a disjointed ensemble. No heart. No centrifuge. No flow. No motion. A no-go area.

Germany played like a proper team should. Passing the ball considerately and freely. No big egos. No boastful prima donnas. They played attacking football. They enjoyed the game. They really wanted to go to the next round.

At the end of the day, can we really blame poor Fabio? It seems his head is on the block. Will he be playing "I will survive" or "Another one Bites the Dust" at the next FA meeting?