Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Highs and Lows of Following Engerland in the World Cup

Well, I knew it wasn't going to be easy following England in the World Cup and of course, I was right. My early rash and utterly optimistic prediction of a 2-0 win for the National team was way off the mark as we had to settle for a mediocre 1-1 draw against USA. The Wordle below gives you the highlights of the match report according to the Telegraph.

Here is a round-up of articles from Yahoo Sport. The Sunday Mirror has rather unkindly labelled Green's blunder as "The Hand of Clod" as opposed to "The Hand of God". A clod refers to an akward or stupid person.

Fan Norris
As you can see below, Norris being an authentic home-grown, free range Italian bird, showed her support for the England team in her own unique way. Photo edited by Picnik Football Fever and idea from Larry Ferlazzo's fabulous Neat World Cup Links.

Fabio:English or Italian Thoughts?

Which language does the England Team coach Fabio Capello shout in when he is not happy with his team? This question fascinates me from a linguistic point of view. Does Fabio revert to Italian or does he get angry in English? I tried my hardest to lip read during the match, but I couldn't work out what he was saying. Any ideas from anyone?

More links to fantastic, topical World Cup resources from:

I am really excited about discussing the World Cup and using some of these wonderful resources in July.


Martin Sketchley said...

Some great pictures. I will check those links that you refer to.

popps said...

You look like you are watching outside on a.........what?
no cable apparent.
How did you do it?

Janet Bianchini said...

Thanks Martin for popping by!

Janet Bianchini said...

Yes, I'm watching the match via K's laptop outside in the garden. Fortunately it had enough battery life for the first half of the game and then we had to transfer back indoors.

I have no idea how K did it, but he just unplugged the computer and placed it on the garden chair. I have to say, it was a lovely experience watching footie under the stars!

Good luck with watching the World Cup in the local goat shed!!