Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The PLN Staff Lounge's Fabulous "They Tried to Teach Me With Edtech" Song

I wish I could have heard Sue-Lyon Jones' (from The PLN Staff Lounge) brilliant and very clever song called "They Tried To Make Me Teach With Edtech" before the start of my Educational Technology adventure, over 18 months ago! I feel that the song sums up my experience of being resistant to modern technology for such a long time. As a previous committed life-long technophobe, I was really petrified of experimenting with technology beyond my simple emails, using the photocopier, Word and the OHP. These tools were for years the only means of technology I felt confident with.

The Phoenix
Of course I kept up to date with what was going on via my younger colleagues and I read about blogs, wikis and VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments), but I simply didn't have the courage to experiment with them on my own! I was too scared, I admit it, of inadvertently pressing the wrong buttons and deleting everything, or of crashing the computer and breaking it. Well, as you may know from previous posts, these things have all happened to me since joining the edtech revolution and I have lived to tell the tale. I now accept that breakdowns are a part of technology and there is always a back-up plan to counter-act this, isn't there?

Ironically, I guess, my life turned around a full 360 degrees, when I actually inherited the computer that died a horrible, painful death one day, and it was going to be thrown into the scrap heap. I innocently asked K if he could possibly fix the computer for me to "play around with". Lo and behold, it indeed rose from the ashes like the Phoenix, and it is this very old computer that I am using now, that encouraged me to be a little bit more adventurous. My feeling was that if I accidentally "broke" it, it wouldn't be the end of the world, since it had already died before. That was my very simple philosophy, anyway. The rest, or so they say, has gone down in Abruzzo folklore...

Updated Animated Video Version

The GoAnimate version above was remixed from Sue's original video by the very talented Alex Francisco from Zarco English Tool of the Day.

Sue's song has such a catchy tune that I know you will be humming it to yourself straightaway! This song would make a great introduction to discussing the use of technology in education.

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Sue Lyon-Jones said...

Thanks for sharing the story of your Edtech adventure, Janet!

Suspect many people find the idea of using tech a little bit intimidating, really, when they first start off - I certainly did!

Glad you enjoyed the Edtech song, though all credit for the catchy tune has to go to Amy Winehouse, who penned the original song it parodies, which you can listen to here:

Rehab, By Amy Winehouse

Sue :-)

Janet Bianchini said...

Thank you Sue for your brilliant parody of the tune!! However, you have to take full credit for the adapted parts of the lyrics and your great voice! :)

Thanks also for letting me know re the Amy Winehouse original song- I must admit, I recognised the tune when I heard your version, but it didn't click where from.

Janet :)

Alex said...

Dearest Janet,

I love how you can look back at your technophobic past and just smile when you see how far you have come since them. :)
You are an inspiration to us all!

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi dear Alex

You are very kind! Last night I was up until 2 am trying to work out why an e-mail account had disappered.

Before, I would have given up in despair without even bothering to try too hard to fix the problem. So, last night, I just sat and fiddled and fiddled with the computer, getting nowhere fast.

Finally, I don't know how, I got back into my account and I was very relieved that I did exist, after all! Maybe Google is doing some rescheduling of its mail?

Anyway, I felt pleased that I hadn't given up and that I was able to resolve the technological issue on my own. (By sheer fluke, I reckon).


I'll never forget the way you so kindly helped me with my GoAnimate!
You are a true star!!

Alex said...

:D See, I am right!You do inspire us all! Tech fails drives all bonkers at one time or another, it's the ability to take deep breaths and keep trying to figure it out that allows to learn! Besides, if all else fails, you always have your trusting PLN to lend you a hand!;)

Janet Bianchini said...

Thanks Alex! I agree that having a fabulous PLN to help and guide us in any situation is an amazing support, and I do appreciate my Passionate Learning Network, including you, dear Alex, very much :)