Saturday, 26 March 2011

4th Virtual Round Table -Janet's Presentation On Digital Storytelling

As promised during my 4th Virtual Round Table presentation on "Storytelling in the Digital Era" I have embedded the slideshare in this post for you to view it. You can link to the live sites from each slide. For viewing all the episodes to date of my "Idiomatic Digital Story", you can press on the IATEFL Brighton label here. I am hoping to come to the conclusion of this Evolving Idiomatic Digital story by inviting my students at the Lake School of English to come up with a suitable ending. If not, then I will have to get my thinking cap on rather snappily before April 17th!!

Embedded below is the official Virtual Round Table 2011 Animoto Highlights. The lyrics were composed by Heike Philp and they are sung brilliantly by Sue Lyons-Jones.

Despite the butterflies circling a few moments beforehand, I managed to get into the swing of things and I thoroughly enjoyed my live virtual session.

Many thanks to everyone from around the world who attended. I recognised many names from my PLN! It was lovely to see Jane and Carmel from the Lake School of English!! Thank you for your support.

A huge thanks to the brilliant organisers, Heike Philp, Berni Wall and Shelly Terrell.

Click for details of the recording of my presentation here.

You can expand the viewing box by clicking on the full icon below.

Storytelling in the Digital Era

I attended Barbara Sakamoto's fabulous webinar called Little Tech for Big Result. It contains many great examples of how young students can create lovely stories and projects with low technology tools. Here is a list of the fab tools she showed us on her wiki here.

I also attended a wonderful session on Storytelling in ESL Classroom by Faisal Al Shamali.

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Anne Hodgson said...

Great :-) and thank you. Loved looking at Chris' story again and getting to know the other projects.

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Anne

The thanks are all from me for inspiring such a wonderful collaborative project! It was a pleasure taking part in "Alice in Wonderland" - a fab idea!

Yes, it was good to review Chris' story - it was creative and also great fun!

David Warr said...

Hi Janet
I really enjoyed your session, it really was full of great ideas and links. For me personally, it was also very useful for me to think about how I can integrate my work into tools that teachers are currently using, so greatly appreciated. I'm sure everyone else found it packed fulled of useful ideas too. Thanks once again.

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi David

Thank you very much for attending my presentation. I am thrilled you thought it was useful. I felt that 30 minutes wasn't really enough time to do everything justice, but at least it was a taster for what can be done.

Good luck with your projects!

Natasa said...

Hi Janet. I am really sorry I missed your lovely presentation. I had signed up for the conference, but I wasn't able to attend anything. I have a bad backache and, until a few days ago, I was unable to sit straight. Typing and writing are still a problem for me and I am on a sick leave.
It is good to know that everything has been recorded so I can listen at leisure. I love your slideshow and I have been reading your idiomatic story. Looking forward to a conclusion and then I believe you should tie it all together. Maybe in a slideshow?

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Natasa

I'm sorry to hear you have had health problems recently. I do hope you are feeling better now.

Thank you for your kind words! Yes, I agree Frederick and Isabella's story should come to a conclusion soon. I will weave the story into my presentation for Iatefl Brighton.

There is no ending in sight for the moment, and the story is waiting rather impatiently for one to be created.

Do you have any ideas? I know you are a fantastic storyteller....

Natasa said...

Well, let's see...
Frederick has been gambling and he has lost everything. And his fall into the abyss is figurative, or am I mistaken? He has to stop gambling and win his fortune back. But that is not enough because he needs to do something really heroic to win Isabella's heart back. It is a love story, there has to be a happy end, don't you think?

Janet Bianchini said...

Dear Natasa

Yes, it has to have a happy ending of some sort. It also has to involve a Web 2.0 tool, ie a comic or something with one strong image attached for me to add to my slides for the final presentation.

At the moment Frederick is indeed falling and thinking of his beloved, but it is a bad dream.

When he reaches the bottom of the abyss, he wakes up and then......???

Thank you for your ideas, Natasa!!