Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Max My Dream: Part 7 of A Digital Story: Frederick's Descent into The Abyss

Press on the link above to see what Frederick was dreaming of as he descended into the abyss waiting in the depths below him. As you are viewing him fall, can you imagine the answers to the following questions?

  • Which 3 things were on his mind?
  • Who was he thinking of and why?
  • How had he got himself into this pickle?
  • Which idiom springs to mind when you view the dream sequence?
  • What was going to happen to him next?
  • Where in the world would he rather be?
  • What very quick and snappy question would you like to ask Frederick as he is tumbling down?
Try out this cool site called "Max My Dream!" I have discovered it via my fabulous Twitter PLN recently. You just write down what your dream is and press on the link, and you will see your dream visualised!! It's very clever indeed! If the background noise bothers you, simply unclick the sound icon at the top.

I have just remembered where I first saw Max My Dream and it was on Ana Maria's Life Feast blog. You can view it here.


Brad Patterson said...

You have all kinds of tricks up your sleeve, Janet!

That was fun. Are you thinking about using it in class?

Cheers :)

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Brad

Many thnaks for your comment here.

I would like to use it when I next have a class as it looks like fun!

Have a look at this blog post by Ana Maria from LifeFeast blog, which gives some super ideas for use in the classroom. It also links to Eva B's blog post.