Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A Wordle in the Gallery

Dave Dodgson from Reflections of a Teacher and Learner blog set a very inspiring challenge during his excellent presentation on Word Clouds at the 4th Virtual Round Table. He asked fellow bloggers to create a word cloud from the current URL of their blogs and then to answer the following questions.

  • What does it tell you about the content of your writing?
  • What does it tell you about your writing style and use of vocabulary?
  • Is there anything that surprised you?
Well, not surprisingly, my Wordle can be summarised using the following key words:

I enjoyed the fabulous online Seeta Reading Challenge course with Marisa and teachers, because of the many lovely digital texts, activities a
nd resources that everyone shared!

One thing that strikes me is the juxtaposition of the word "time" near "day. This refers to the fact that I recently haven't had much free time during the day due to my recent virtual and face to face presentations. It's a coincidence, I feel.

It looks as if my wordle is dominated by the recent Reading course challenge. Maybe this is because I enjoyed it so much!

My choice of vocabulary seems to be quite simple judging from the words generated, and I feel that is a bit odd. I do try my best to write as interestingly as possible and yet, there are no unusual or difficult level words at all!

My wordle also contains references to the recent devastating earthquake in Japan, and you can read My Message to Yokko in Japan.

There is more about the earthquake from Barbara Sakamoto's moving and very insightful posts about the aftermath and also how people can help here.

Thank you very much Dave for setting such a lovely challenge! You can read about all the bloggers who have also done the challenge here.

There is only one reference to "cat", and no references at all to the rest of my menagerie, and so Wordle hasn't really represented the contents of my blog very accurately!! I therefore decided to create a Tagxedo in the shape of a dog to make up for this absence, and here is the image below with quite a lot of different words.

Technology, Twitter, conference, blog, English, Abruzzo and virtual - all figure prominently and I believe this is an accurate reflection of what my blog is all about.


DavidD said...

Hi Janet,

Thanks for contributing to the challenge. It's interesting how different word cloud generators produce different results. I suppose they either use a different number of words or they look at a diffewrent number of posts (it's been established through the challenge that Wordle only processes the last 10 posts maximum).

I hope you'll join those of us who are planning to repeat the process in a few month's time and compare results :)

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi David

Thanks for popping by and for your insights into wordle. The wordle challenge is fantastic and cheers for organising it so well!

I'd love to repeat the process in a couple of months' time to see if there is a big difference or not in words that come up. I'm looking forward to it!!

popps said...

Fabulous jumps out at me from your wordle.