Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Boaring news

The hunters are out again on this beautiful, sunny day. They are out looking for wild boar which roam around our parts very freely. I have yet to have a personal experience with any of these said creatures, but they obviously must be lurking about as otherwise so many hunters wouldn't be waiting all day (and night) for them. It is indeed a small world. There is a "wild boar"link between Abruzzo and Oxford, where I was born and grew up. Queen's College in Oxford has a tradition linked to the Boar's Head Feast.

Have a look if you wish at my hubby's blog posting "The Moon's such a Boar!". It adds another dimension to this topic.


popps said...

A friend came to visit from Germany and when he arrived he said -"I want to see a wild boar"
I suggested there might be a chance if we went down to the spring in the bottom meadow around dusk.
We arrived as the evening faded and settled into the shadows next to the forest edge alongside the spring.
10 minutes passed and then in the distance at the foot of the hill we saw something cross into the trees.
We waited and after a few moments we heard crashing amongst the trees below us and suddenly realized our "hide" was directly between beast and water.
Then the boar was there, a giant, as close as your Tv set would be to your sofa, and it stopped.
It new something was wrong but couldn't see us against the shadows.
We stopped breathing , time passed.
Then it decided everything was safe and continued.
That's when the tension and excitement we wre holding exploded into laughter and just before it fell over us it turned and fled.
have you seen any yet?

LLJB said...

A nice description of a "boaring" encounter! I haven't seen one yet, I am very happy to say. My hubby has had the dubious pleasure and you can read about it in the link "Life's a boar", which hopefully I have fixed.