Friday, 19 December 2008

Christmas stories

Edible Christmas card

I have just read a very interesting article in BBC News Uk website about a company based in Devon which has produced Christmas cards which can be eaten. The idea of an "eco card" is certainly a good one and it's definitely a way of making a difference to the environment!

Another seasonal article in the same site refers to a conifer tree shaped in the form of a Christmas plum pudding.

I love the innovative nature of the two quirky stories above as I feel they sum up characteristics which are quintessentially English , don't you think?

"Techie" Queen to air Christmas Message 2008 on Youtube

Have a look at this video from Youtube that I have just seen in Jeffrey Hill's excellent and very informative "The English Blog". The video's a spoof version of the Queen's annual Christmas speech and it's actually an advert for PG Tips, a very popular English brand of tea. The Queen is drinking a lot of sherry and you can see traditional mince pies on the table behind her.

The real Queen of England is apparently going to air her 2008 Christmas speech on Youtube for the first time ever. I take my hat off to her
! For an octogenerian, I admire her amazing dedication and willingness to keep up with the latest trends in modern technology - she is into podcasting and sends regular emails to friends and relatives. I feel in doing this, Queen Elizabeth will definitely reach out to a huge amount of people, especially youngsters, this year.

The information regarding the link to the Queen of England was taken from the "Woodlands Junior School's" fantastic website, full of amazing stuff all written by school children. It's an incredible source of information about Britain and its culture. I first read about this particular school in this article from the Daily Mail.