Sunday, 21 December 2008

Fairy tale Abruzzo village

This is a lovely view of Castel del Monte, a small village in Abruzzo. The picture was taken a while ago but I think it represents a lovely Christmas scene.
Picture taken by LLJB


Anonymous said...

Castel del Monte is a very special place, a medieval hill town in the midst of mountains that look like Montana, and of people who are incredibly generous -- all just 99 miles from Rome. Last winter, the post master of Castel del Monte saw that we had overlooked a heating bill. Fearing we'd be cut off, he paid it. Where else on earth would that happen?

LLJB said...

I agree, Castel del Monte is a very special place not just in Abruzzo, but in the whole of Italy. It is definitely one of my favourite places to visit. The view of the village as you approach it is absolutely spectacular.

Anonymous said...

My parents came from Abruzzo just after the second World War and settled in Australia just like thousands of other Italians from that region. My husband and I went last year with our two children. Even though I was born in Australia I felt very much like I had arrived home. My sister also travelled with us. We loved the town of Sulmona, which is the sugar almond 'capital' of the world - it's definitely worth a visit. My sister and I also loved the village of Roccocaramanico (not sure if I spelled that correctly!). If you have the time and opportunity you should also see the beautiful village of Bolognano (where both of my parents were born) and you may came across some permanent residents who speak English with a definite Aussie accent! Some of my cousins were born and raised in Australia but now live with their husbands in this village with spectacular scenery. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Abruzzo!

LLJB said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for sharing your news. I will try to visit the two villages you mentioned as they sound delightful.

Both my parents come from Abruzzo and they emigrated to England in the early 1950s and still live there. My husband and I have moved to the Abruzzo from Oxford, England, to begin a new life here so it's now a full circle! We both love the region and are very happy here.

I agree Sulmona is a lovely place and I love the "confetti" which are used to make the typical wedding "Bombonieri".