Saturday, 27 December 2008

Canis Lupus Italicus

One of the most interesting places I have been to is the Wolf Conservation Centre in the National Park of Abruzzo. There I saw many wolves roaming around in their natural habitat within a huge conservation area in the mountains. The Centre is run by "Il Bosso" Cooperative group and volunteers lead visitors on a three-hour guided tour around the parts where the wolves can be seen going about their daily business. Walking boots are strongly recommended! The guides are very enthusiastic and care deeply about the welfare of the wolves which are in danger of dying out. The guided tour is preceded by a very informative talk and multimedia exhibition of different types of wolves and the various cries they make. Not many visitors to Abruzzo know about this fantastic place. I say it's definitely worth a visit!

This is the entrance to the Wolf Centre.


Bodach said...

I regularly spend time in Abruzzo but I've never heard of this fantastic tour. I looked at the site and I'm struggling with my Italian to determine how frequent the tours are - I'll keep workng at it though as it looks like a wonderful way to spend a few hours.

LLJB said...

It is well-worth a visit. I enjoyed my second visit just as much as the first one! There are two guided tours a day (10 am and 3pm)Tours last approx 3 hours.

15th June - 15th September daily
1st November - 28th February you have to book(via email?).

Through the summer, for approx 100 euros, you can do an escorted weekend tour in the mountains, very rustic + simple fare and you get as close to seeing wolves as possible in their nautal environment. I suspect tracking equipment is used. I would personally love to do this tour and will post feedback when I do it!

Even if you visit the sanctuary on its own, wear stout footware and take water as you have to do a lot of walking!

I looked through your lovely blog. It contains a lot of useful information and lovely images of Abruzzo.