Monday, 15 December 2008

Odd Word Out

I had fun devising a little vocabulary quiz today. Some words are acronyms that have entered the English language recently, others are newish compound words, some are blend words and some abbreviations. A lot of them have a connection with technology. I have used Word Spy - Top Hundred as my source of information and also wikipedia.

From the list of words below find one which is different and ask yourself why is it different from the other three? Please note- I had to invent something which didn't fit so hopefully you will be able to work out which one differs. Please do post a comment if you feel some of the words are a bit ambiguous and I will modify as necessary!

1) facebook digg youtube

2) netizen netiquette nethead networker

3) avatar second life island blog

4) wikipedia nibipedia voki encyclopedia

5) ple cpd pln vle

6) recession-chic silver-surfer empty-nester helicopter-parent

7) nimby wag bogof imby

8) cyberchondriac cyberpet cyberbully cyberstalker

9) webzine ezine fanzine magazine

10) clog splog vlog flog


cloud 10 said...

Hi janet! Just checking your blog out Found this quiz tough but loved the way you have linked your answer sheet to Scribd Very clever! Glad to see you are still coming up with great stuff Will email you soon

Happy New Year (Early, I know!)

LLJB said...

Glad you enjoyed the quiz. Thanks for your feedback. Greatly appreciated!
"Buon Anno Nuovo" to you, too.