Saturday, 13 December 2008

Fun Craftwork in Pescara

The big DIY store in Pescara Sambuceto called Castorama runs free bricolage courses every Saturday and I have been attending the lessons for the past few weeks. Castorama is owned by the Kingfisher group which is based in England and also runs the UK DIY company B&Q. It's a small world! These courses are great fun and the teacher is extremely patient and kind. The heart box above was created today in the "decopatch" session. This is a blend word from "decoupage" + "patchwork". I had never done this before and I enjoyed following the very clear instructions and having enough time to put all the necessary pieces of fine paper over the heart-shaped box which I had chosen to cover.

Running such courses is a brilliant idea and they have been very popular and fully subscribed to. Today was the last session of 2008. I'm looking forward to participating in more courses in 2009. It's been a great way to practise my very rusty Italian and to meet some lovely new people as well.

Thank you my teacher Rossano!!

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