Wednesday, 4 February 2009

History of the Internet

An interesting video

I have just come across a fascinating video from my EVO2009 Ning Digifolios and Personal Learning Spaces course. One of my course tutors, Nellie Deutsch, is wonderful, and she is always adding amazing videos to be shared. I think that I'd like to add this video to my blog firstly so that I can learn from it!! and secondly, so that you, my readers, can view it as well. I feel it's all about "learning and sharing in cyberspace". Click here.

New horizons in learning

This brilliant course is leading me to new horizons and perspectives. I feel as if I don't really know as much about Web 2.0 technology as the other participants, but I don't mind, because I can accept that I will always be in the middle... and that is absolutely fine by me!! There will always be people who have more knowledge than me, and there will always be people who may not have the same knowledge as me. That is life and I accept it wholeheartedly!! It is what keeps my feet firmly on the ground. We are what we are and nothing more.

A leading question

My dear readers, I will ask you this. What is your opinion?

You may have noticed that I am quite a tenacious character. I don't give up easily. I feel that I have asked a lot of questions on my blog, but I haven't had many replies... Never mind. I will keep on asking and maybe one day there will be an answer....


Giulietta said...

Enlightening video - I didn't realise that everything began as far back as 1957 and that the cold war played such a key role in its development!

LLJB said...

Yes, I agree with you - it's a very informative video. Also the year 1957 is a very important year, don't you think?