Friday, 6 February 2009

Towards a digital identity

"Tweetie Pie"

Hi everybody

I have just come across this very interesting site on "Twitips". I have been a member of "Twitter" for a little while now and I still feel it's a bit mysterious. I seem to be talking to myself a lot of the time. I have on occasions, actually had a conversation which seemed to "flow". I recently had a great "tweet-up" with Cristina Costa who shared her fave Tina Turner records with me on "Blip- DJ" which I joined.


So many new things in my life - I sometimes get confused, but it's all in the name of progress. I have just finished watching a live online session with Nellie Deutsch on WizIQ and I learned a lot. I liked the calm way Nellie dealt with the unexpected. She likes to explore reasons why things go wrong. That is so reassuring because of course, not every lesson can go according to plan when one is teaching. It's a good thing to remember.

A technical dilemma

Tonight, I encountered a slight technical problem with my Skype lessson. My "resurrected" computer had a slight "miscommunication" problem, which luckily was solved by my technical assistant. It made me think, though. If I had been on my own, and the computer decided to "crashland and die", what on earth would I have done??

Back to basics?

The answer is that we can't really ever fully trust modern technology. That's why pilots are always trained in learning how to fly a plane by using good old-fashioned manual instruments. In the event of a major technological failure, you can always rely on simple mathematics and manual tools to land a plane.

In at the deep end?

I feel as if I am like the student who is constantly fidgeting at the back. One minute I seem to "get" something, ie "Xtranormal", the next minute, another wonderful tool comes along like "Animoto", which makes me want to investigate and learn how to use. Everybody else seems to know how to use it, so shouldn't I learn in order to keep up with the flow? What is the solution to this non-stop dilemma??

A practical solution

I suppose the answer is this. Relax, take it easy - enjoy the ride. Don't get "het up". Just enjoy the experience. It's not a race. It's not a competition. The only participant in all this is MOI. So. Is that it? That's sorted then! I have freed myself from the shackles of exterior pressures - in one simple step.

The Usual Plea

I would really love to hear your opinion regarding what I have just written. Please feel free to comment if you so wish!

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