Saturday, 14 February 2009

Live WizIQ online Conference re Digifolios and Personal Learning Spaces

A local Abruzzo eagle flying high in the sky - free to do whatever it wants......reaching new life to the full..........

Well, I have just logged off from my first live online conference via WizIQ. It was the most amazing experience. So much happening in real time- wonderful video presentations, text messaging, live chatting, using an IWB for the first time, connecting with so many people at once, viewing wikis, viewing photos, it was the most incredible experience I have had in a while!

Here is a video created by one of the groups on Ning called "True Blues".

The power of collaboration, the power of sharing, the power of giving, the power of learning - everything mingling and flowing happily along.

I feel I have a "voice" when I am writing but , I was very quiet tonight and that reflects my character. I am very happy to hear what others have to say as I learn so much from observing. Next time, I will try to contribute more. That will be my challenge.

Nellie Deutsch, our online co-ordinator and presenter, was brilliant. The participants were all lively and involved. It was an exciting, motivating, unique, educational experience.

What I have learned tonight is that I want to investigate WizIQ more as a live teaching tool. I'd like to be able to use it by the end of 2009.

I don't believe in setting unrealistic and impossible targets. If I say I want to learn to use it by next week, then that will only engender possible stress and angst. So, the fact that I have "allowed" myself ample time and breathing space to learn this new tool in a very leisurely and relaxed time-scale, is already a very motivating factor for me. This is a little secret that gets me a long way, my dear readers!!

Has anyone ever used this tool in their teaching? If so, would you recommend it?

Here's a video on WizIQ created by the company itself.


Nellie Deutsch said...

Hi Janet,
Thank you for sharing your experiences with WiZiQ. I think the energy of a live synchronous exchange where participants can hear and view each other is of incredible value to sustainability of online and face-to-face workshops and courses. I only wish other educators would give technology a chance and enjoy the creative process of becoming lifelong learners.

Warm wishes,

LLJB said...

Hi Nellie
I watched parts of the video again yesterday and it is amazing.
I'm looking forward to the next online debate with you and the group on Wednesday night.
See you then!
Warm wishes