Thursday, 12 February 2009

My thoughts on the Twitter phenomenum

What's everyone twittering on about?

Just a short while ago I had no idea what "Twitter" was all about. I thought the title sounded a bit strange - did it mean people "twittering on" about a particular topic? Was it a site for "twits"? (only joking!) I decided to sign on and see what all this twittering was about for myself.

What are you doing?

It started off extremely well. The question in a big box at the top asked me "What are you doing?" So I thought, "ok this is easy, no problemo"! These were my first ever words on "Twitter" in under 140 characters, of course.

"I'm just looking at new stuff re technology on web!" 10:28 PM Nov 28th, 2008

These were my second set of words of great wisdom:

"It's pouring down with rain and it's getting colder here near the mountains". 11:00 PM Nov 28th, 2008 from web

At this stage I had no followers and was following nobody. I couldn't really understand who I was talking to and it all seemed a bit bizarre. I know I talk to myself sometimes but doing it online was a bit different. Anyway, I carried on talking merrily away.......

A desperate tweet

"Hi! I've just got up and am heading off into the big city to do some shopping. What are you up to today?" 9:26 AM Nov 29th, 2008 from web

When I asked my very first question above to the universe in general, I was getting a bit desperate! Nobody seemed to be talking to me and it was as if I was on my own in the "Twitter universe""...until suddenly, one day, don't ask me how, I became someone's "follower" - that was Mr Byrne from "Free Technology for Teachers".

This was my "Tweet" to Richard Byrne:

"Hi I'm not sure how this twittering works! I don't know how I have become your follower but anyway, nice to meet you!" 9:32 AM Nov 29th, 2008 from web

A Twitter newbie

I received a personal reply from Mr Byrne who gave me this very useful tip: "The more people you follow, the more you learn". There was a very useful blog posting on "10 Teachers to Follow on Twitter" which I digested and learned from. From that point, I began to Tweet a bit more and connect with a few more people such as Sue Waters from Edubloggers.

"Hi Sue, I'm a newbie Twitterer. Nice to meet you!" 8:18 PM Dec 13th, 2008 from web

I immediately got a direct reply from Sue and this encouraged me to continue with my Twitter adventure.

The Power of Twitter

Well, since then the Twitter phenomenum has continued to roll and it has got me into a very exciting project!

I was reading my Twitter updates on February 9th when I spotted this Tweet from Richard Byrne:"Looking for guest bloggers". I was intrigued so I followed this link. The rest is history.....I hope!!

Guest blogger

Next week I will be proudly writing a guest piece on Free Technology for Teachers Blog, while Richard is on holiday. I feel deeply honoured and thrilled to be doing this. It is an amazing feeling to see "LLJB" (that's me!) as a "contributor" on his fantastic blog. I can't believe it. It will be an incredible experience.

What are your thoughts about "Twitter"? As always, I would love to hear your views. This time, I challenge you to write in under 140 characters!

Bye for now...


Melissa Techman said...

Twitter has given me info, news and glimpses of other lives - fascinating!

Ian Kath said...

Yes it's challenging to make sense of twitter so I wrote this

Glen Westbroek said...

You hit it with this post. Twitter works when you have a PLN & share. This year I've developed projects across big distances using Twitter.

Gary Barber said...

Twitter is the background chatter of the gestalt mind of the connected, the wired. It's like having an instant resource on tap all the time.

Gabriela Sellart said...

Came here via Twitter. No, via Sue. It's about people, isn't it?

jennylu said...

Twitter is invaluable. It has opened my world to an amazing array of educators who want to share and encourage. It's where i find out about new 'stuff' and where i can pose questions and get answers. It's where my community lives!

Carlos said...

Twitter for tech and edu news and sharing. Tumblr for moods and memories.

LLJB said...

Hi Melissa

I agree with you that Twitter is a new universe to explore.

LLJB said...

Thanks, Ian. Just read your great posting. I love the party analogy!

LLJB said...

Thanks, Glen. Good luck with your projects via Twitter.

LLJB said...

Thanks Gary. You've summed it up perfectly!

LLJB said...

Thanks, Gabriela. We have a connection - we've both been teaching for 30 years!

LLJB said...

Jenny - I can't wait to explore the Twitter community!

LLJB said...

Hi Carlos - I don't know "Tumblr" - another new tool?

Sue Waters said...

Hi Janet, glad my help when you started with twitter made a difference. I did ask my twitter network to visit your post yesterday and share their thoughts but unfortunately had to wait until today to add my own.


24/7 ability to give help, receive help, laugh, joke, cry, rant and share

Rodd Lucier said...

Thanks for sharing your introduction to Twitter. If you'd like to share your insights, we'd welcome you over on

All the best,

Dr. Eviatar said...

Love your post, Janet! Twitter has opened a whole new world of teachers for me, and I am so grateful.

LLJB said...

Hi Sue

Thank you so much for your kind comments. I have to confess that I couldn't "see" any comments on my "Twitter" stream? from your Twitter network. Is it to do with the fact that my settings might not be "public"? I pressed a few buttons at the beginning of my Twitter experience and have left things the same way. I am still very much a newbie "Twitterer/ Tweeter!

LLJB said...

Hi Rodd

Thank you for your comments.

I love your "Twitter Mosaic"! It is seriously impressive.

Yes, I would be very interested in sharing my relatively limited insights into Twitter. It is very kind of you to ask me.

LLJB said...

Hi Dr Eviatar

I like your blog on slides! Makes maths look really interesting compared to how I was taught at school many years ago!