Monday, 2 February 2009

Into the frying pan!

I am back from a two-week online "absence" and I am truly feeling the heat! I am in the middle of a six-week Ning workshop on Digital Portfolios and have just begun a course on "wikis", which involves a lot of reading and collaboration. I also have my blog to update. In addition, I am helping to restore our building project, look after two felines,and considering some online teaching.

Facing the challenge

I am determined to put my time-management skills to the test in order to achieve my goals of keeping track with everything. My personal motto is "Be positive and all should be well", technically and theoretically speaking. "Mind over matter" is indeed a simple mantra to adopt, don't you think?

Life without my PC

Going two weeks without my very own computer to hand was a very enlightening experience. It taught me that life can go on without a continuous online presence. However, I did miss the daily contact and knowledge that can be gained instantly. My verdict? I now know that my life is more enriched with the aid of technology.


cloud 10 said...

Great posts janet and good luck with all the courses. Your mantra will keep you on track and you ahve nothing to lose by gaining all this knowledge...have fun x

LLJB said...

Hi Jane

Many thanks for your kind comment!

I had great fun tonight with our Skype chatting and it's great you have joined "Blip".

There are so many new things out there to explore- it's really nice to share the experience and learn together, don't you think?

"Simply the Best" epitomises the Lake School!! I remember dancing to this song at soooo many discos!!

tasteach said...

I was on the Edublogger birthday post and saw your comment, so thought I would visit your blog to tell you about a student blogging challenge that will be starting in March 2009.

Students may use either a class blog or their own individual blog. There will be activities each week and they will be posted on my class blog

If any teachers or students are interested in registering, please do so here

A similar challenge was held last year and nearly 500 students from nine different countries of the world took part. These students are still blogging and running a collaborative blog at

LLJB said...


Thank you so much for taking the time to write a posting on my blog.

I had a look through your Edublog posts and was absolutely amazed by what you have achieved in only a year since starting your blog!

What your students have acomplished is also awesome - many congratulations on inspiring them to such great heights!

I have passed on the details of the 2009 student blogging challenge to my contacts at the Lake School of English, Oxford, UK.

Good luck with the challenge ahead and keep up the incredible work you are doing with your students.

Your enthusiasm is truly inspiring.