Friday, 13 February 2009

Snow in Abruzzo

I created this slideshow of photos I took earlier today by using "Animoto". It was very easy to make.

Students would be able to create their own slideshow on different topics to present to their classmates. This would be a fun activity.


Maria João said...

Snow is so beautiful. And your dogs seem to enjoy the snow and they for sure don't have problems with the cold weather.

Keep making videos with Animoto. :-)

LLJB said...

Thank you, Maria! The dogs certainly had loads of fun yesterday and today. It was great to speak to you last night. Hopefully, we'll connect again soon.

I'll do my best to learn more about "Animoto" as it is very user-friendly. I experimented with it only after viewing your lovely video on our "Ning Digifolios" course.