Monday, 1 June 2009

Blogging in the Rain

This song always cheers me up!

Lonesome in the Valley
It's raining hard, K's on a motorbike tour in the mountains, the girls are in their pen, Kelly's on guard, the furkids are tucked up in a cosy corner upstairs, and me? I'm listening to the continuous pitter patter of the rainfall outside contemplating the meaning of life and how it pans out for some people...

Sunshine after the Rain
Susan Boyle must be feeling devastated about not winning Britain's Got Talent. The surprising result has been very well documented in the newspapers. Please see the English Blog's excellent postings and cartoons regarding the latest updates on her story and also read a thought-provoking posting by Saro Rosales. I personally feel sorry for Susan Boyle as she has been caterpaulted to fame in such a quick fashion that she has hardly had time to register what the implications are for her personal life. I do think she has a lovely voice and I hope she will not be affected negatively by her fame. I hope she remembers that the sunshine will always come after the rain!

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