Monday, 29 June 2009

Discovering the Joys of "Scoopler"

Having just read Richard Byrne's excellent "Free Technology for Teachers Blog", I decided I would look into a new real-time search feature called "Scoopler" which was highlighted in his blog post "Honduras, Scoopler and Current Events". I was amazed at the huge amount of real-time information and tweets available on the topics of the day. The number one "Hot Topic" was about an American man called Billy Mays who died prematurely young on June 28th at the age of 50. I have to own up to my ignorance here and reveal that I had never heard of him until today. Scoopler gave a huge amount of links to Billy Mays and in no time I found out that he was an extremely famous TV "pitchman" in the USA. He seemed like a nice person with a great enthusiasm for life.
The following Youtube video found on Scoopler pays tribute to his life in "rapper" style.

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