Thursday, 11 June 2009


Motorbike + Twitter - what do you get? The answer is "Tweetbike" - an innovative online social experiment introduced by Paul Clarke to help people get around the recent London Tube strike by sending tweets to him. The power of Twitter has no bounds! Read the full story here.

The One Millionth Word
Well, the phrase "Web 2.0" has apparently been voted as the millionth word in the English language. I personally think this phrase has been around for quite a while now so I'm surprised it has been included in this category. The English Blog has got an excellent post on this subject here and also have a look at this informative post by Macmillan English Dictionary Blog.

Macmillan Webinar: 7 Things Beginning with M
I look forward to downloading the session presented yesterday by Scott Thornbury. Unfortunately, I was unable to follow the complete webinar, so I will catch up next week when the session can be viewed on the web. Can you think of 7 important words pertaining to ELT beginning with the letter M?

Macmillan Webinars. Registernow forfree.


popps said...

Things beginning with M?
the only thing that comes to mind immediately is..... M issing your blog entries.

LLJB said...

How kind of you to say this! I am now "Back in the Groove" after a short absence and looking forward to being inspired to write about whatever crops up in life...