Thursday, 25 June 2009

Test Yourself on GCSE English Literature

To my great surprise and embarrassment, I am officially a "Literary Lightweight" according to a GCSE English literature quiz I have this very minute taken. I have read all the books/plays included in the quiz and I am sure I would have answered the questions correctly in my 6th Form heyday. Anyway, no excuses apart from me doing the quiz without my glasses and completing it in under a minute! I should have done some "Bitesize" revision from the BBC first.....
Have a go here.

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popps said...

There might be a lesson here about exams, or quizzes or human nature, but i just tried the quiz and scored 7/7 making me a bookworm - and i GUESSED every answer, only one was a slightly educated guess.

At university, the night before an exam i had a premonition that there would be a question about Le Corbusier the architect, so i went to the library and found an article and read it.

In the exam there was a question, i answered it and reproduced the article and passed. Only later did i realize the significance of the fact that the question asked me to analyze his career BEFORE a certain date and that BY CHANCE the article corresponded to this period.

I was just lucky, as i was today, could easily have scored zero.