Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A Storm in a Teacup?

In times of turmoil the first thing most British people turn to is a nice hot brew. "I'm dying for a cuppa" is a common refrain in times of stress or after a particularly hectic activity. Tea has long-since been known for its therapeutic qualities and indeed, it seems to work as a relaxant in a lot of cases.

In Hot Water
An article about tea has caught my eye today. An advert for Tetley green tea has been banned by watchdogs for making misleading health claims. Hence the company is now "in hot water", meaning that they are in trouble. Read more here. It is not the first time that claims have been made about the benefits of Tetley. Read here. Whatever is claimed, however, I can guarantee you that it is a refreshing drink and we are well stocked up on Tetley teabags here in Civitaquana!

1990 Tetley Tea Advertisement
I particularly like this amusing advertisement for Tetley tea sung to the tune of "Hound Dog".

Tea at the Ritz
It has always been my desire to have afternoon tea at the Ritz in London. Maybe one day, when I am rich and famous, my wish might come true! The Ritz is a member of the prestigious Tea Guild.

Language note: the idiom " a storm in a teacup" dates from 1838!

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popps said...

I like a nice cup of tea in the morning
Just to start the day you see
And about half past eleven
My idea of heaven
Is a nice cup of tea
i like a nice cup of tea with my dinner
I like a nice cup of tea with my tea
and about this time of night
What goes down a treat?
You're right!
It's a nice cup of tea.