Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The "IPOD" Generation

Perennially seeking new hidden gems in the media for possible lesson exploitation, I came across this very interesting article about the "IPOD" Generation the other day. You may well be surprised to know that in this particular case, "IPOD" does not have the same meaning as what you think! It is an acronyn for "Insecure, Pressurised, Over-taxed and Debt-ridden", refering to the youth of "Broke Britain". I first cut out the article from the Daily Mail on 21st October 2008 and put it to one side, ready for me to "do something with it" . The time has come, so here goes!
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In the Red
In the report mentioned in the article, the finances of 18-34 year-olds were put under the spotlight. Young people today are under enormous pressure to get on in life. They are faced with so much choice and have been lured by banks to get ever more into debt. They are unable to put money away for a secure future as the cost of living is sky high. The image of "broke" Britain is ever more present during the credit crunch and it is a difficult period in history. Here is an interesting video from www.videojug.com on "How to deal with being broke after graduation".

The days of "YUPPIES" refer to an era long gone and now according to this article, the acronym has come to mean "Young Unhappy Professionals". Those were the days!

Idioms of the Hour
To be in the red: to be in debt
To be broke: to be without money/ short of money




This a great posting and really topical, just this week this topic came up in one of my classes - two of the students in it are at Uni, they were demonstrating because one of the faculties is closing down.

The thing that really pissed one of them off was that the Dean apparently looked out the window and said to them that if they wanted to fix the Uni's problems, they should give him the money (2ndHand info)and she was like, what money?

I can't wait to take this into class next week.

Ta, K

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Hi Karenne

Thanks for your lovely comments. Glad the topic was of interest.