Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Badge Maker from Big Huge Labs

My tinkering with the Badge Maker came about from a comment on my blog by David Deubel. It led to my viewing his excellent blog and reading about something he had learned about. This was the cool Badge Maker feature on Big Huge Labs, one of my favourite photo editing tools. I hadn't noticed this Badge Maker facility before, and so I was curious to try it out after being inspired by David's post. It was quick, fun and easy to create, and I believe students will have fun creating their own badges for many different activities.

Students could easily create their own role play characters and design their badges accordingly. The badges can be saved to one's computer and / or printed off directly from the site.

In the example badge below, you can see details of me as a tourist guide!! I had great fun creating it. Why don't you give it a go in your classes and see what your students can come up with? You could get your students to imagine they are sales executives trying to pitch a sale for a particular product / holiday destination etc. It would make for a great mingle activity!

Thank you very much for bringing this tool to my attention, David!!


popps said...


is that Janetese, or a new word i need to learn?:-)

Janet Bianchini said...

Not "Janetese" I'm afraid, but indeed a new blended word:

To chill out + to relax = chillax = to super relax, whatever that may entail :)

popps said...

ok, ccol, i'm going to do it!