Sunday, 27 February 2011

In the Money: Part 5 of "An Idiomatic Story"

Parts 1 - 4 of this evolving digital, multi-media Idiomatic Story can be viewed here.

Frederick's story continues via Dvolver, a great animation tool!

Lesson Tips for Students:
Watch the video again and find:
  • an idiom meaning to work very hard
  • 2 expressions which mean to make a lot of money
  • an idiom meaning to have a fantastic time
If you like, you could get your students to create a Dvolver scene of their own to show what happens next in this digital story, or they could create their own made up story to embed in their class blog or wiki.

Learn how to create a short animation Dvolver film here.
See Nik's Quick Shout for more tips on how to use Dvolver.
Study Easy Peasy Phrasals!

Next exciting installment Part 6: "In a Jam", coming very soon on a computer near you!!


Brad Patterson said...

Fun video. Did it take you long to make?

If I could pull something like this together like on a weekly basis and it didn't take much time, it'd be a new and energetic approach to vocab/discussion... pretty much anything.

I did a fair amount of videos in my classes in China. Filmed personally in the US and then edited to present them w/ cultural differences, regional accents and a fair amount of fun.

Nice way to 'change up' a bit in class. Here was one of my fav examples. Pretty amateur film/editing but the subject DEFINITELY got the class talking! :)

Cheers, brad

Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Brad

Thanks for your comment here. The video didn't take me long to make at all - about 10 minutes or so and yes, it was great fun to make! It is definitely worth exploring and your students would enjoy the creative possibilities dvolver generates.

The video you included is a very interesting one and I can imagine it would get classes talking a lot!! Thanks very much for adding it here.

Cheers, Janet

Brad Patterson said...

10 minutes... definitely worth it then, so thanks for the tip!

Glad u liked the video. It was a blast filming/editing and showin to a group of students who thought it was just WRONG to get a tattoo... and only gangsters got them...

until they found out their beloved teacher had one too!

haha :)

enjoy yr week, Janet.

Janet Bianchini said...

That must have been interesting when your students found out!! lol

Thanks for popping by again and have a good week as well!