Thursday, 10 February 2011

Feedback on CO11 Conference

Connecting Online 2011 was a great success, thanks to the brilliant organisation of Dr Nellie Deutsch and her Integrating Technology for Lifelong Learning team. It was a huge honour for me to take part as one of the 40 presenters over the 3-day free conference. It was a truly global affair and an exciting array of fabulous sessions took place. Please click on the link to see the presenters and to view all the video recordings! You can also view many of the actual slideshows here. I was able to attend the excellent "Leaping over the Ditch of Digital Illiteracy" by Silvia Purpuri, and the fabulous "Blended Instruction with Blogs and Wikis for Young Learners" by Shelly Terrell and Greta Sandler.

A very big thanks to all the 35 people who attended my session. I was thrilled to see everyone and it was so nice to recognise lots of the names! I greatly appreciated your support and kind words during the presentation.

I have embedded my slides (from the wiziq site) on Language in Motion:Teaching with the Flow so that you can see all the links and resources I shared at the end of the slides. I do hope you find this is useful! I haven't yet read through the lively chatbox but I will add any comments at the end of this post as soon as I have got round to doing it. I know I had a few "senior moments" (not able to remember something, due to my increasing age, lol !!!) during my talk and Marisa Constantinides, one of the founding members of the very popular Wednesday sessions of ELTChat on Twitter, very kindly reminded me of the "Call my Bluff" game I referred to on slide number 21. Can you guess which definition is correct??

Answers to above: 1a, 2b

For some reason unexplained, slide number 14 entitled"Mostly from the Internet" had a missing section, and I have done a screenshot of it below.

Below is an image I created using 3 new words jumbled up. As a fun activity, I invited the audience to match the pairs of new words. Can you guess what they are? Answers below!

Velcro + dog :
Flash + mob:
Slow + cinema:

I would definitely like to participate in CO12 next year and it would be lovely if anyone would like to join me and do a presentation there as well. I will add links and more information nearer the time!

Please view the slides in full screen for better effect.

CO11: Language in Motion: Teaching with the Flow by Janet Bianchini


Leahn said...

Hi Janet,

The pleasure was ours. It was really nice to hear your voice and I picked up some very useful ideas for class.

I loved the way we could make comments and particpate in your talk!



Janet Bianchini said...

Hi Leahn

Thanks a lot for your positive feedback! I appreciate it.

I must say I really enjoyed reading the chatbox comments whenever I had a moment and it seemed to be very lively!!

Thanks so much for being a very active participant during the talk - the hour certainly flew past and I had a lot of fun too.

Hope all your furkids are ok. Give them a hug for me :)

Take care