Saturday, 19 February 2011

Janet's First Vocaroo!!

Image above created easily via

Below I have embedded my very first Vocaroo. It was incredibly easy to use. Just click on "Record", say what you have to say and then press "Stop". You can then listen to your recording immediately. If you are happy with it, you can email the link to anyone you like, and the best part is that you can easily embed it in a blog or wiki post by just grabbing the "Embed code". You can sign up and register in order to keep all your Vocaroos in one place. If you don't, then the Vocaroo will disappear after a month or so. I think you need headphones to listen to the recording clearly.

You can listen to Russell Stannard's video tutorial on Vocaroo to learn more about how to use this very versatile tool! There is also an explanation of how to use another recording tool called MailVu.


popps said...

No Janet, you came over loud and clear through my speakers!

Janet Bianchini said...

Thanks Chris, that's great to know:)