Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Introduction to mLearning: Vimeo Feedback

Please press on the title at the top to see the video in full size!

Thanks to the excellent Introduction to mLearning course with Nicky Hockly from the ConsultantsE, it's given me the confidence to try out something completely new, and here it is!! I have just uploaded my Day 7 Task via Vimeo and I am very pleased with the video quality. I feel it is much better than the one done via Blogger on my previous blog post.

I uploaded my mLearning video from my computer to Vimeo very easily after seeing a message posted on Twitter via @ sandymillin regarding commenting on one of her student's work via Vimeo. To comment on a video, you need to be registered on the site, which is free. So, without hesitating too much, I took the plunge there and then, registered, and then was able to leave a comment. What happened next is what you see here!

mLearning in Practice
If you are interested in doing a fuller 6-week mLearning course directly with the ConsultantsE, then you might like to view the information on "mLearning in Practice", which tells you everything you need to know about it. The next start date is 03/05/2011. I would highly recommend it.

You can gain a great insight into the current mLearning in Practice course by reading "A Party With an Atmosphere" by one of the tutors and Directors, Gavin Dudeney.


Arjana said...

Dear Janet,
what a wonderful video! It's fantastic to see you talking under your beautiful olive trees. Kelly is so cute:-)

I'm so sorry I couldn't take part in the course, I just hope there will be "a next time".
All the best

Janet Bianchini said...

Dear Arjana

I do hope so too! It would be so lovely to learn on the same course together one day! I think we're doing it anyway, sharing things online as much as possible. It's a great learning opportunity too.

Thanks for your comments re olive trees and Kelly. He is such a mild-mannered and placid dog. The chickens and cats often try to eat his food, but he takes it in his stride, luckily :)